Roads Taken

HR Strategy: Rebecca Oettinger Feder on strategically developing talent to drive impact

Episode Summary

Expert at helping businesses deploy, manage, and develop the talent that enabled them to succeed, Rebecca Oettinger Feder recognized a need for her to turn those skills inward. Her plan for striking out on her own just took a little more time to mature than she’d originally thought. Find out how sometimes it’s the combination of experience, connections, and timing that leads to the impact you are after.

Episode Notes

Guest Rebecca Oettinger Feder, Dartmouth '96, knew enough about business after leaving college to know that she didn’t know enough. After a rotational program and an executive MBA, she realized she was drawn most to Human Resources, which she came to regard as more than just an enabling function to the businesses of which she was a part. Her roles supporting senior managers across the entirety of a business gave her an intimate look at all sides of the business and a courtside seat to how senior executives make decisions.

But with the growth of her career—serving many business units within giant global companies that required more and more days on the road and away from family—she realized she needed to make a change. Luckily a decade before, when she was just contemplated motherhood, she had drawn up a business plan for her own HR consultancy. At the time, trusted advisors told her she needed more experience and connections, but when she brushed off the plan all those years later, she was on her way.

In this episode, find out from Rebecca how sometimes it’s the combination of experience, connections, and timing that leads to the impact you are after…on ROADS TAKEN...with Leslie Jennings Rowley.


About This Episode's Guest

Rebecca Oettinger Feder is principal consultant at Princeton HR Insight, LLC. With extensive experience in HR management roles with global organizations, including as McMaster-Carr, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Tyco/Johnson Controls, she now advises clients in a range of industries through her own firm. Find Rebecca at




Executive Producer/Host: Leslie Jennings Rowley

Music: Brian Burrows